Yoga Workshops

If you've wanted to bring yoga, a conscious diet and vibrant health into your daily life, here are some great opportunities to do so in the supportive company of like-minded people. These yoga classes can bring greater vitality, endurance, patience, and joy to people of all ages and all levels of physical conditioning. The emphasis of Kundalini Yoga is upon breathing (pranayama), sound (shabad) and movement. Although these descriptions are organized by subject area, all workshops include some instruction in meditation, movement and breathing techniques. To get the most out of your workshop, dress in loose, comfortable natural fiber clothing and avoid large meals in the hours beforehand.

Upcoming Events

Reichain Therapy and Kundalini Yoga Intensive

Reichian Therapy & Kundalini Intensive

Greetings from Mendocino! I am facilitating another Reichain and Kundalini retreat to be held at the beautiful Shambhala Ranch, located near the coastal town of Mendocino, in Northern California. This secluded, naturally serene environment is "minutes" from Orr Hot Springs (reservation needed) and the exquisite and breathtaking Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve, a 1,323-acre state-owned park located in the coastal range in Mendocino County.

Please come join me for an adventure in breathing at Shambhala Ranch. Wow! Incredible breath work, fabulous yoga practice and the wonderful, magical beauty of the Mendocino Coast! If you want to really dive into your breath and all it's potential, or just want to see what Reichian therapy and Kundalini Yoga are about, then join us for an educational and experiential workshop. I look forward to serving you!

These workshops have been selling out with waiting list to get in and we can only take a limited number of participants. Make your reservations early!

March 31-April 2, 2017
Shambhala Ranch
Mendocino, CA

Friday 7-9:30 p.m.
Saturday 5:00-7:30 a.m. Sadhana (optional)
10 a.m.-1:00, 3:00-6:00 p.m.
Sunday 5:00-7:30 a.m. Sadhana (optional)
9:30-12 a.m., 1:30-4:00 p.m

Space limited, pre-registration required. Click here to register.
$450.00 ($425.00 if paid by Thursday, March 16, 2017)

For all inquiries and enrollment, please contact me at

KRI Level 1 Teacher Training

Do you want to deepen your personal practice?

Do you want to broaden your knowledge base and skill set?

Does a still, small voice within you call you to be something more?

Become a Teacher and Serve Your World.

All of our professional, world class, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainers are highly experienced and skillful at sharing the extraordinary teachings of Yogi Bhajan, a once in a lifetime master whose wisdom, grace and humor will permeate this Teacher Training. All have been personally taught and mentored by Yogi Bhajan, and can mentor you toward achieving your highest potential as a yogi and as a prosperous, happy, healthy human being. All our trainers are active both in the international kundalini yoga community (3HO) and in their own local yoga communities.

Trainings are held in Sacramento, Nevada City, and Santa Rosa CA.

Click here for more information.

Workshops Offered Periodically or By Request
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
Experience powerful techniques for releasing tension and awakening to the peacefulness of your inner being.

Kundalini Yoga & Breath Activation Workshop
Join Maya Deva Adjani and her father, Dr. Khalsa, for this unforgettable journey with Kundalini Yoga and transformative mind-body practices that can benefit you throughout your whole life.

Kundalini Yoga Immersion
Both complete novices and those who have a great deal of experience with yoga will enjoy Dr. Khalsa's review of the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga. This comprehensive workshop provides an opportunity to practice several of the most powerful kriyas, breath practices, chants, and meditations.

Nine Day Cleansing Retreat
Healing into the Heart of Compassion, with Krishna Guadalupe.

Shabad Yoga: the Yoga of Sound
Join Dr. Khalsa and lovers of sound for eight hours of inspiring, heart-opening chanting and Kundalini Yoga.

The Chakras
Our perceptions are greatly influenced by which one of the eight major chakras we use as a lens for viewing our lives. Learn classic Kundalini Yoga exercises and meditations to stimulate, heal and coordinate these energy centers. Recommended for anyone wanting to gain a more balanced relationship with self and others.

Weekend Meditation and Yoga Retreat
Close friends Cliff Straehley and Dr. Khalsa will facilitate this rejuvenating weekend of yoga and meditation. Experience a number of different Kundalini and Buddist forms of meditation.

Yoga Therapy: Living with Optimal Health
Learn ancient yogic exercises to help alleviate specific problems such as back discomfort, digestive problems, arthritis pain, headaches, insomnia, depression, fear, grief and other challenges. Recommended for anyone interested in finding simple, natural ways of healing and staying healthy.