Hello My Beloved Community!

I pray that you and your family are thriving.

It feels like my whole life has been a preparation for the adventure that is about to happen, an adventure which I hope you will be part of.

Please join my wonderful teaching partner Ian Wilkerson and me on a healing journey into the wilds of Idaho! My brilliant co-facilitator Ian is the son of Michele Newmark. Ian grew up in a sex positive Reichian-Summerhill inspired community. He is a husband, father, artist, music therapist, and Reichian breathwork practitioner.

You are invited to spend a week with us, five full days, not counting the time spent travelling and settling in, in rural Idaho, home of geothermal hot springs and some of America’s most famous white water rafting and fly fishing. Be one of only six participants to experience this golden opportunity to release stuck emotions and unleash your creative potential through pranayama yoga, breathwork, writing, music therapy and group drumming. This is an opportunity to discharge so we can fully recharge, find balance in our nervous systems, and opportunity for empowerment and self-regulation. We will also enjoy soaking in healing waters, hiking, and white water rafting in the company of majestic nature and a conscious, loving community.

Please find the flyer attached and feel free to spread the word about this amazing retreat to others you know who may be interested in joining us.

Event website with more information – CLICK HERE

Early bird discount through April 8th!!

With Deep Appreciation,
Siri Gian Singh